Rebecca Ballenger

Coordinator, Collections and Outreach

Carol Beltran

Department Administrator, Physiology

Brian Berrellez

Manager, Business Analytics

Devon Bilsing

Senior Coordinator, Study Abroad Programs

Margo Bogossian

Coordinator, Recruitment Events and Visitor Services

Justin Boro

Assistant Director, Indigenous Peoples Law/Policy Program

Zachary Brooks

Coordinator, Special Projects

Joanne Canalli

Assistant Director, Employee Services and Operations

Cody Cassidy

Assistant Director, Communications - Public Affairs

Ana Castaneda

Senior Director, Global Locations

Marisela Celaya

Assistant Director, HR and Organizational Development

Isabel Chavez

Senior Manager, College Operations

Mei-kuang Chen

Statistician, HRSA Grant

Marcela Delgado

Assistant Director, Administration - Business Management

Nura Dualeh

Director, Undergraduate Research / Graduate Preparation Programs

Susanna Eden

Assistant Director, Water Resources Research Center

Richard Edmiston

Director, Business and Finance

Elizabeth Firmage

Director, Strategic Operations

Christopher Gast

Assistant Director, Advancement

Dustin Green

Consultant, HR Organizational

Carolyne Greeno

Director, Finance and Administration

Jill Hewins

Senior Academic Advisor II

Andrea Holm

Coordinator, Outreach

Sheryl Jameson

Coordinator, Business Development Resources Group

Eric Kay

Consultant, HR Organizational

Tracy Kenyon

Coordinator, Student Support - College of Education

Sean Kramer

Senior Academic Advisor I

Kris Kreutz

Interim Executive Director

Erin Lowry

Fellow, Community Law Group

Kristina Makansi

Coordinator, Communications

Mary Matthews

Director, Planning and Facilities-COM

Karina Mc Cune

Coordinator, Operations

Jennifer Mewes

Assistant Director, Internal Operations

Ericka Moore

Department Administrator, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Aubrey Neihaus

Project Manager, Intel Math National Agency

Cheryl Novalis-Marine

Senior Applications Architect

Judith O'Rourke

Associate Director, Development - College of Education

Susanne Olkkola

Coordinator, Research Grant Support

Maria Orozco

Coordinator, Clinical Practice

Alyssa Padilla

Coordinator, Special Projects - Center for Rural Health

Loreli Panico

Assistant Division Manager

Nicole Paredes

Manager, Residency Program

Nancy Preble

Manager, Administration-Finance

Bridget Radcliff

Director, Academic and Support Services

Kathleen Riley

Director, Finance-Operations

Jack Roberts

Assistant to the Chair, Otolaryngology

Heather Roberts-Wrenn

Assistant Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Mary Robinson

Manager, Conference Center Sales

Matthew Romanoski

Assistant Director, Instructional Design

Jennifer Ryan-Jauregui

Analyst, Business Process and Computer Applications

Jazmin Saavedra

Coordinator, Business and Personnel Services

Elizabeth Sandoval

Senior Academic Advisor II

Robert Sandoval

Manager, BIO5 Facilities / Planning

Bryan Scott

Assistant Director, Student Financial Aid

Justine Snow-Collins

Assistant to the Director, Administration

Laurie Soloff

Evaluator, Outreach-Multicultural Affairs

Kerrie Sonnenberg

Manager, Finance and Administration

Michelle Staebell

Manager, Clinical Research

Mary Staugaard

Senior Manager, Online Student Support / UA Online-Distance Learning

Jeno Szep

Research Scientist, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sharon Thomas

Coordinator, Clinical Practice

Jessica Thornburg

Manager, Business Operations

Mark Trommer

Senior Consultant, Organizational

Paul Tumarkin

Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications

Mary Veres

Manager, Communications / Marketing

Bradley Williams

Systems Engineer, Steward Observatory

Heather Wilson

Coordinator, Experiential Education Program

Alan Ziegler

System Administrator, Applications Management


Melanie Madden


Senior Academic Advisor I

CLAS Academic Advising Center

Jennifer Lawrence


Manager, Business &Finance

Department of Neuroscience, College of Science

Natalie O'Farrell

Vice Chair

Associate Director, Programs, Campus Recreation

Sylvia Quintero


Manager, Business-Finance, Department of Geosciences

College of Science

Sara Knepper

Past Chair

Director - Academic Advising, College of Education