About APAC

Mission Statement

The Appointed Professionals Advisory Council (APAC) represents all professional employees at the University of Arizona as defined by the University Handbook for Appointed Personnel (UHAP) and Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual. APAC advises the University Administration Governance and other UA organizations on matters of concern to the University community in line with Appointed Professionals' specific conditions of employment and roles at UA.

Vision Statement

As an advocate for all Appointed Professionals, APAC will enhance the quality of AP career life. We promote professional enrichment, favorably influence senior administration and provide timely and relevant communication with Appointed Professionals by our active participation in UA shared governance and our knowledge of community activities. APAC and its members provide vital contributions to the University and the broader community by helping the UA identify and realize its strategic goals.

What is APAC?

Vital Contributors to the UA Community

APAC is a University of Arizona organization whose members are Appointed Professionals from every part of campus who volunteer to represent AP from their college or unit, and AP as a whole, in campus shared governance. APAC has been an active organization on campus since 1992, has an organized structure of officers and committees, and meets monthly.  More information is available on our website: apac.arizona.edu

APAC’s specific activities are reviewed each year to support the Council’s important goals of:

  1. favorably influencing upper senior administration;
  2. maximizing AP visibility on campus;
  3. providing representaiton for AP to more than 20 campus committees,
  4. helping to support Awards for Excellence and other employee recognition events; and,
  5. offering a professional development scholarship

 APAC is continually working to enhance the AP workplace.  We provide guidelines for regular annual performance reviews, and we continue to work for optimal contract conditions for AP.  APAC strives for recognition of AP contributions to the broader goals and objectives of the University of Arizona.  Watch for updates to our goals and priorities on our website.

APAC Enhances the Quality of AP Career Life 

Appointed Professionals are the population of benefits-eligible employees on year-to-year appointments. They are categorized in the University of Arizona Handbook of Appointed Personnel as Academic Professionals, Service Professionals, or Administrators.  They include lecturers, researchers, managers, directors, and non-faculty administrators.  AP are formally represented in campus shared governance by APAC. 

A Driving Force for Strategic Planning and Change

APAC promotes professional enrichment and works to favorably influence senior management by being useful members of a collaborative team in carrying out the goals of the University.

You can receive information about APAC and AP meetings by sending an email to the APAC Chair or any current officer of APAC in your college or unit.  Current representatives are listed on the website. Any member of the Council would be glad to share with you our current APAC activities, and how, by being a member yourself, you can help them have an influence on shared governance.