Committee Description Committee Chair(s) committee members
Professional Development Committee Responsible for reviewing and selecting applicants for the APAC Professional Development Reimbursement Program, which provides funding for APs to pursue advancement in their field. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Isabel Chavez

Jack Roberts

Membership Committee The Membership Committee's goals include recruiting new members; ensuring relevant membership policies are well maintained; ensuring that APAC members feel connected and have a network to call upon; and maintaining an active and knowledgeable APAC member base that is representative of the AP population on campus. Melanie Madden

Michelle Mixer

Heather Roberts-Wrenn

Communications Committee The APAC Communications Committee works to project a positive image of APAC within the University. The committee is responsible for keeping members up to date through the website and other channels.

Brian Berrellez

Paul Tumarkin

Brian Berrellez

Alan Ziegler

AP Policy Committee This committee responds to changes, questions or issues regarding employment policies at the University of Arizona that have an effect upon appointed professionals. We provide feedback to upper administration, and work to influence outcomes favorably for APs.

Mark Trommer

Fernando Chavez

Holly Altman

Carol Beltran

Pierre Blanche

Linda Breci

Susanna Eden

Richard Edmiston

Mika Galilee-Belfer

Peter In-Albon

Susan Mathews

Amy McClure

Susan McGinley

Mark Napier

Jennifer Mewes

Anne Padias

Loreli Panico

Cassandra Peel

Russel Potter

Recognition and Awards As one of the newest committees we hope to grow recognition of Appointed Professionals through programs such as the University Awards for Excellence which we now co-chair with the Staff Advisory Council. The committee governs the Eugene Sander Award for Shared Governance.

Brian Berrellez

Sara Knepper

Brian Berrellez

Sara Knepper

Amy McClure

Sylvia Quintero

Carolyne Greeno