Appointments for External Committee Representatives

Procedures for APAC Representatives to External Committees

1. New and continuing external committee representatives shall be appointed by the Appointed Professionals Advisory Council (APAC) Executive Committee each year by August 1st. 

2. Nomination process

a. Each year by the end of May, the APAC Executive Committee will disseminate to all APAC members a list of external committees with current APAC representation, and those committees in need of an APAC representative.  

b. Each year during the month of June, APAC members may be nominated as a new representative to an external committee, or may be nominated to continue as the representative to an external committee.  Self-nominations will be accepted.

c. Nominations must be submitted to the APAC Executive Committee by July 1st.  Nominations shall include the nominee’s name, job title and department, University contact information, and a brief statement regarding why s/he would like to be a representative to the external committee. This statement should address what connections and interests the nominee has regarding that particular committee.

d. Nominations will be reviewed by the APAC Executive Committee and evaluated based on the nominee’s statement and the nominee’s history of participation in APAC.

3. Duties and responsibilities for external committee representatives

The external committee representative is expected to represent the best interests of APAC and the broader UA Appointed Professional (AP) community.

b. The external committee representative is expected to attend the external committee meetings and submit a brief summary to the APAC Vice Chair by the Friday prior to each APAC monthly meeting (report template attached.)  The representative is also expected to provide a yearly schedule of the dates, times, and location of the external committee’s meetings.

c. If an external committee representative is not able to attend an external committee meeting, s/he shall arrange for another APAC member to attend the meeting, who would then work with the representative to submit the report.

d. If an external committee representative is not meeting the duties and responsibilities as outlined in this document, including but not limited to regular attendance and participation at external committee meetings, s/he may be removed as the representative by the APAC Executive Committee, and a replacement representative identified.