Brian Berrellez - Communications Committee Co-Chair

Brian Berrellez

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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


In an environment driven by information and behaviours, I continually evolve my positions to be as useful and productive as possible while striving to target key areas to make workflow more efficient and fulfilling.  This is usually done using active communication and tools that we usually see as complicating our lives, but I try to re-structure them to make them better as defined by the end-user.  My primary work tasks deal with data (Analytics/OBIEE, SPSS, SAS, Excel, Access, MySQL, XML, web development, etc.) in all areas on campus (academic, financial, HR, etc.) and just generally helping and teaching people a variety of tasks.  I have been working at the University of Arizona since 1999, joining the official crew as classified staff in 2005, then as an appointed personnel in 2011.  I work out of CALS but am always willing and happy to work with other units, because we are, after all, a community. 

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