Getting Involved with APAC

Why should you get involved with APAC?

  • Networking opportunities with other Appointed Professionals and peers across the University
  • Influence University leadership
  • Contribute to important decisions that affect the University and Appointed Professionals
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the University governance and politics
  • Participate in a campus-wide service

Become a Member

Become a member and represent the constituents in your college or division on APAC. Representatives serve for a three-year term and are eligible to participate in one of the 20 different University-wide committees with which APAC is involved. The only requirements are that the employee holds a 0.50 FTE or greater position with the UA, be an appointed professional serving on a year-to-year contract, and be an active member attending and participating in council and committee meetings. Council meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month from 3-5pm.  Representatives spend approximately one-to-two hours per week on APAC business, although officers and APAC committee chairs are expected to dedicate more time as necessary.

Already a member? Get more involved and join a committee!

Become an APAC Donor

Make a financial donation to the APAC Professional Development Scholarship Fund.  This fund is composed of a healthy contribution of APAC operating budget in addition to donations from people like you!  Professional development is immensely important to APs, but due to budget cuts, funding is often lacking at the college and departmental level.  The UA must continue to prioritize professional development if our employees are to remain relevant and innovative in this increasingly competitive environment.  Your financial donation can make a huge impact to APs and campus readiness and morale at-large.

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