Eugene G. Sander Award for Shared Governance

Dr. Eugene G. Sander served the University of Arizona for more than 20 years as the 20th President of the University, the Executive Vice President and Provost, Vice President for University Outreach, and Vice Provost and Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). Dr. Sander was a staunch and unflagging advocate of employees at the UA.  Under his leadership, CALS became a model for inclusivity of shared governance. As President, he included shared governance leaders on the President's Cabinet. He elevated shared governance to an integrated and meaningful voice on campus.

Initially awarded in 2012, the Sander Award provides recognition to UA leaders who embrace and embody the ideals of shared governance, and recognize the importance of appointed professionals and their contributions on campus. The APAC Awards and Recognition committee solicits nominations in the winter from APAC and APs at large. They then review candidates and decide on the awardee after consultation with the APAC Executive Committee. Awards are given at the annual UA Employee Awards for Excellence in April.

Award Winners:


Michael Brewer, Libriarian, University Libraries

Michael BrewerMichael has been a tireless champion for non-tenure track faculty through his work as Chair of the Non-tenure Track Taskforce organized by the Faculty Senate.  Michael has partnered with APAC to further the issues and status of the NTT faculty community.  We look forward to ongoing partnerships as both the Senate and APAC seek ways to represent this important group.

Thomas P. Miller, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Tom MillerTom has been instrumental in revisions and improvements to the University Handbook for Appointed Personnel (UHAP), alongside a diverse membership from across campus.  He has brought greater clarity and delineation to the different appointed personnel categories and governing policies, without creating cultural divides between the categories.  His work to clarify adjunct faculty is a wonderful case in point.


Allison Vaillancourt, VP Institutional Effectiveness and Human Resources

Allison Vaillancourt

Allison is an ardent advocate for employees and shared governance.  She has been a true partner with APAC through our joint work of policy developments including the Board's creation of Academic and Service Professionals, support of professional development and seeking graduate education by UA appointed professionals, and the Board's review of at will employment policies.

JC Mutchler, Executive Director and Vice President, Executive Office of the President

JC Mutchler

JC, in his role as Chair of the Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee (SPBAC) and as Secretary of the Faculty Senate, has won numerous admirers for his calm demeanor and savvy administrative intellect.  He has actively solicited and engaged APAC in SPBAC activities including the development of Never Settle.
Eugene G. Sander, President of the University


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