APAC Professional Development Reimbursement Program

The APAC Professional Development Reimbursement Program  provides monetary support to Appointed Professionals at the UA for professional development activities including workshops, training, conferences, UA courses, community college classes or similar opportunities that will benefit the awardee in his or her career at the UA.

Applicants must be  benefits-eligible (0.5 FTE or more) Appointed Professionals employed at the University of Arizona for at least six months. Those who have received an award within the last two years are ineligible.  Activities must be approved by the employee’s supervisor.

Recipients are chosen by a judging panel composed of the members of the professional development subcommittee and other APAC representatives. Recipients will be notified by email and announced on this website.

Awards are presented at least once a year.  Award amounts vary, but the maximum award is $1,000.  Awards are disbursed as reimbursements for reasonable, qualified expenses.  Allowable expenses include registration fees (for courses or conferences) and books and/or supplies required for the specific activity. Recipients of educational assistance via expense reimbursement are strongly encouraged to discuss questions related to tax liability, or the amount that may be owed in taxes, with a tax advisor. 

Applicants may apply for an upcoming class/activity/event, or for a class/activity/event that occurred after July 1, 2016.  If you are selected as a recipient of this reimbursement, you will be asked to submit original receipts. Reimbursements are made in accordance with University of Arizona fiscal policies. Some fees such as parking costs, penalties, contributions, and subscriptions are not allowed.  If you are selected for an award, but are unable to use it for the activity requested, the award will be forfeited.  You are welcome to apply again in the next award cycle.  By submitting an application you affirm that the information given is correct and that the requested reimbursements will not be funded by any other sources such as college and/or departmental support.


2016-17 Recipients

Leif Abrell
Leif Abrell

Kim Barnes
Kim Barnes
Public Health

Nina Bates
Nina Bates
Provost's Office

Anjelina Belakovskaia
Department of Finance

Randi Bellassai
Arizona Geological Survey

Carol Beltran

Tina Deemer

Marcela Delgado
Student Learning Services

Jessica R Le Duc
COM Student Affairs

Leslie Dupont
Writing Skills Improvement Program

Federico Fraschetti
Lunar & Planetary Laboratory

Sean Kramer-Lazar

Heather Lukach
Presidental Events

Joseph McLean
Matthew Michaud
COM Phoenix, Student Affairs
Josephine Gin Morgan
Pre-Health Professions Advising Center

Gavin Ng
Human Resources

Simran Nirh

Peggy Nolty

Gigi Owen
Inst of the Enviornment

Sam Perez
COM Phoenix, Academic Affairs

Kindle Rising
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Sonia Romo

Kerrie Sonnenberg
Engineering Administration

Tony Martin Tuck
Administration and Athletics

Terri Vorholzer

Betsy Wilkening
Arizona Project WET